Explore Europe Travel is a tour operating company primarily serving United States military members and their families stationed in Germany. As a company and as tour operator, our mission is to provide our clients with once in a lifetime experiences by guiding them through the exploration of diverse and culturally rich European countries. Specializing in excursions of the best locations in Europe, it is our mission to provide affordable priced tours that create lifelong memories.


Meet the Team of Explore Europe


Hayrie Zyulkyarova

Hayrie was born and raised in Europe, and to this day maintains a passion for European travel and exploration. She possess a University degree in business administration. In addition to her degree, Hayrie studied both in Germany and in Barcelona, Spain spending her time there for one year as an exchange student. Furthermore, she also studied in London for six months. During her studies and her travels, Hayrie has been to the majority of capital cities in Europe. However, she loves to go back to places where she has visited before. For two years, she worked at a travel agency where she was in charge of planning trips by air and coach for groups. She was also responsible for contracting the agency’s suppliers from the hotels to the local tour guides. Hayrie is fluent in several languages. Mainly European languages including Spanish, German, Turkish, Bulgarian, and a little bit of French. She strives hard to make sure that she can meet and exceed the expectations and demands of all her valued clients who want to experience an unforgettable European trip at a fraction of the cost of traditional European tours.





Matthias Schweizer

Matthias was born and raised in Germany. He grew up in a very strict family, which was not always easy for him as a child. While his friends were going out having fun, he used to work every day in addition to going to school. As a result, he learned that he has to work hard to achieve his goals and to be successful. Since childhood, he has lived according to German values such as ambition, discipline, diligence and reliability, but he is always ready to have a good time!
Matthias never wanted to work as a traditional ‘employee’. In fact, he has made it his goal to be a successful entrepreneur since finishing his apprenticeship in 2010. He always knew that he wanted to make others happy with his products and services. With his heart and soul, he absolutely loves what he does at Explore Europe, and not surprisingly, he believes that no task is impossible for a human being to achieve. He has also traveled to most European countries. He whole-heartedly believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than to travel around the globe, learn new cultures and make new friends.


Hayrie and Matthias work hand in hand to guarantee all their respected clients that when they choose Explore Europe, they can never go wrong!

Our Company

Located in Bayreuth, Germany, Explore Europe Travel offers a diverse lineup of exciting packaged tours all around Europe. From London to Stonehenge to Florence & Rome, our tour packages are available for group travelers who want to experience Europe the right way. Established in September 2013, our team and our company is dedicated to helping those with a thirst for European travel experience the places they’ve always dreamt of while also staying affordable.

Professionalism and a true passion for adventure are at the core of our company, and as native Europeans ourselves, we are excited to show our clients the best places in Europe. We are more than just a sightseeing company. We are a team that creates exciting and entertaining tours for United States military veterans and their families based on our first-hand experience of must see landmarks. Our dedication to extending affordable expeditions centers our company and enables us to offer the services that we do.

Each of our tours are explicitly planned with the assistance of local tour guides who possess insider information regarding the best places to see while in the region. No other tour company provides such intimate and locally based tours as Explore Europe Travel, and by combining our unique tour packages with top-notch customer service, we have created an entirely new way for travelers to experience Europe.


What We Offer

First and foremost, we offer our clients excellent customer service and affordably priced tours. In addition to this, we devote our energy to creating and connecting with the highest rated tour leaders. By singling out professionals, we do our part to make sure our clients enjoy their experiences from beginning to end.

Some of our services include booking good hotels, providing exceptional and comfortable transportation, and connecting travelers to local tour guides who know the region better than anyone else does. Our goal is essentially to create a safe, secure, and affordable agency where travelers can receive the finest service without a premium price tag.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent tours of the best places in Europe at affordable prices. Consistent, high quality service is our top priority and one of our main objectives. By being committed to that goal, we also make sure that each of our tours is specifically tailored to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Our Vision

At Explore Europe Travel, our vision is to give every person the opportunity to Explore Europe.


Our Values

The quality of our service and the value we offer exemplifies everything that we do. We are committed to providing exceptional quality and value to our clients. By spending countless hours making sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed we bring our customers tours and services that go beyond their expectations.

We hold ourselves responsible for the satisfaction of our clients from the beginning of their stay to the end of their journey. Responsibility to deliver the best tours, in the best places, for the best price fuels the tour packages we offer and the quality of our customer service.

Integrity & Honesty
Holding ourselves to the highest standards, we place integrity and honesty as the ethic codes we follow no matter what. From making sure our clients are connected to the best transportations, to ensuring that our prices are always clearly listed, we are built on integrity and honesty.

Fun & Adventure
As a tour company, we are excited to offer our clients fun and adventure whenever they choose our services. Family friendly activities and world famous landmarks are on the agenda through our diverse lineup of tours.

Excellent & Efficient Service
We are 100% German owned and managed. Living and working every day in Europe means that our finger is directly on the pulse of the continent, and enables us to have direct access to the changes and new events that come available. This allows us to offer excellent and efficient service across the board.


Why Explore Europe Through Us?

At Explore Europe Travel, our customers never have to worry about planning their vacation. Our high standards for customer service, good accommodations, and fun and exciting tours ensures that our guests always receive the best when they choose us. From offering comfortable brand new buses and transportation to providing great hotels to delivering prompt customer service, we do our utmost to create a hassle-free travel experience. Our tour leader is on hand to provide advice and tips to make sure our clients make the most of their trip and our local tour guides come with the best recommendation ratings, so our clients can be confident they are in excellent hands.

Explore Europe without overextending your budget, and contact our team today to experience customer driven service. Our promise to you is that your experience will be incredible through us and our service is always reliable, reach out to us today and start to travel with Explore Europe!