Euro Disney Express (4th of July)

What could be better than spending the day at Disneyland Paris on a warm summer day? Experience the magic and join us on this express trip where the world of Disney comes alive. It's not just Mickey, Minnie and Sleeping Beauty who you'll be visiting, but also Buzz Lightyear, Indiana Jones, and - of course - those (in)famous Pirates of the Caribbean. The magic is closer than you think!



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Pisa, Rome & Florence

Three legendary cities. Pisa, Rome and Florence! Each city is unique by its own right, with distinctive flavors, sights and sounds. Explore legendary landmarks and ancient ruins. Mingle with the locals who go about their lives in the shadow of ancient ruins. On this sweeping tour, iconic sights like the Leaning Tower and the Colosseum, are just the beginning of what you’ll experience.



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London & Stonehenge

Why come all the way to Europe and not spend some quality time in the English capital? London was once considered the capital of the world - and it shows. Britain’s most dynamic city has a history that stretches back 2,000 years, and a culture as rooted in the local pub as it is in world-class museums. Get acquainted with this city, whether strolling through Kensington Gardens, climbing the Tower of London or experiencing Big Ben up close and personal.



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Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona Labor Day Weekend

A sparkling city on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona's beautiful beaches and lively culture are just two reasons to visit this remarkable city. The cafés are filled by day, and people crowd the streets at night, pausing to fortify themselves with a perfectly composed bite of seafood and a drink at a tapas bar. From the twisting corridors of the Gothic Quarter to the fanciful creations of Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona is packed with unique elements that are beautiful to behold. This dynamic city will draw you in with its alluring architecture, colorful street life and hip cafe scene.



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A week in Greece: Santorini, Mykonos & Athens (by air)

Cobblestone streets, arched white facades, ocean-blue roofs, and larger-than-life windmills are just a few of the picturesque Greek landscapes you can expect to find on this trip. See the beautiful Greek islands you’ve been dreaming of come to life on the isles of Mykonos and Santorini. Then, experience ancient history and open-air museums in the capital of Athens.



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