How to get your EU Digital Pass

Two American travelers in Madrid, Spain

Two American travelers in Madrid, Spain

So you’ve been fully vaccinated? Congratulations! That will already make traveling across Europe easier in the months to come.

To go further, we would recommend you get your American CDC vaccination card recognized by the EU authorities.

It only takes 4 easy steps and helps ease your mind when you travel!


Step 1: Check your CDC vaccination card has the following information on it

  • Full name of the vaccinated person
  • Date of birth of the vaccinated person
  • Name of the vaccine received
  • Dates of the vaccination (1st & 2nd dose, or unique dose for Johnson)
  • Official sign and stamp from the doctor’s office


Step 2: Locate your closest Apotheke that offers the EU vaccination certificate

Near Graf, the following pharmacy offers the EU vaccination certificate (
Address: Neue Amberger Str. 8; 92655 Grafenwöhr
Opening times: Mo-Fr 8am to 6:30pm, Saturdays: 8-12:30pm.

Near K-Town, several options are available to you. You can head over to this website ( enter your postcode and in “Serviceleistungen” select “Digitales Impfungzertifikat”. A list of pharmacies offering the EU vaccination certificate will appear.


Step 3: Show up at your preferred Apotheke at a time convenient to you with the following documents

  • CDC vaccination card with an official sign and stamp
  • Passport or ID

The EU certificate in paper form received from the pharmacy will have a QR code. That code needs to be shown any time you want to prove that you are fully vaccinated. Your vaccination status can now be easily identified all across Europe.


Want to make it even easier? Make it digital with this optional extra step!

Step 4: Download one of the following apps in your smartphone’s Google Play or Apple Store

  • Luca App
  • Corona Warn App
  • ImpfPassDE App
  • CovPass-App

Once it has been downloaded, simply scan your QR code through the app. It will then upload your QR code to the app. Now whenever you need it, it is readily available on your smartphone.

Although it is still possible to enter the country without the EU Digital COVID certificates, we would strongly advise on having your American CDC vaccination card recognized by the EU.


We look forward to seeing you on the road with our trips all across Europe!