Complete your European Bucket List!

The tulips field in the Netherlands.

The tulips field in the Netherlands.

Europe has much to offer that it can be hard to know where to start. From historical landmarks to local cuisine, there is so much to see, do and eat. We’ve created a list of experiences, you might consider adding to your bucket list, and make the most of your time in Europe!


Train rouge du glacier express traverse un paysage enneigé au d

Mountain top village in the Swiss Alps 

1. Ride a train across the Swiss mountain tops

When snows falls, it covers the world in a blanket of magical silence. That feeling is even more true when you’re surrounded by glaciers and mountains. So why not hop aboard the Bernina Express that takes you across the the Swiss Engadin Alps to experience it?

Departure K-Town, February 4-6th 2022
Departure Graf, February 11-13th 2022


2. Gaze at the twinkling Eiffel Tower

Cruising along the river Seine with a glass of champagne in hand and the twinkling Eiffel tower as a backdrop? It couldn’t be more romantic than that in the City of Love. Paris is definitely a bucket-list-worthy destination!

Departure Graf, February 17-21st 2022
Departure K-Town, July 8-10th 2022


3. Ride a gondola in Venice

In the car-free city, gondolas have free rein in the 177 Venetian canals. You get to discover Venice from a different perspective, and take your time as the architecture, colors and local history unfold before your eyes. You might even spot masked figures during the carnival period!

Departure Graf, February 25-27th 2022


An idyllic Sicilian beach

An idyllic Sicilian beach

4. Relax on a Sicilian beach

Lay your towel on the sand, lower your shades and sit back with a gelato. Sicily is the best place to experience the dolce vita, and let time slow down for a while. Be sure to get a taste of local pizza and seafood to top it of!

Departure Nuremberg airport, March 30 – April 4th 2022


5. Wander through the tulips fields of the Keukenhof Gardens

Welcome Spring in style! The Keukenhof Gardens come alive with thousands of colors and scents. Every year, professional gardeners take care of designing intricate patterns with approximately 7 million flowers. What a sight!

Departure K-Town, April 9-10th 2022
Departure Graf, April 22-24th 2022
Departure Graf, April 29th – May 2nd 2022


Juliet's balcony in Verona

Juliet’s balcony in Verona

6. Explore Juliet’s house in Verona

Verona is know worldwide for housing Shakespeare’s characters from “Romeo and Juliet.” You can explore the 14th-century residence with a quaint balcony overlooking a courtyard that is said be “Juliet’s House.” She would longingly await Romeo from that balcony in hopes of seeing him.

Departure Graf, May 6-8th 2022
Departure K-Town, May 13-15th 2022


7. Walk along the Berlin Wall

The wall once divided streets, the city of Berlin and the world as a whole. Artists have been creative liberty to showcase their talents and share their vision of a world united at the East Side Gallery. Other parts have been kept in the original state at the time of the fall of the wall.

Departure Graf, May 21st 2022


The Colisseum peaking out behind the trees.

The Colisseum peaking out behind the trees.

8. Roam the corridors of the Colisseum

The Colisseum used to be an arena in which gladiators would fight for their life and, in time, earn their freedom. Today, you can safely roam the stone corridors and sturdy stairs with a knowledgeable local guide.

Departure Graf, May 26-30th 2022
Departure K-Town, September 1-5th 2022


9. Reflect on history at the Normandy beaches

History buffs won’t want to miss out on the Normandy beaches! As you visit memorials, trenches, and museums along the coast, you’ll learn about the important role American forces played in the success of D-Day.

Departure Graf, May 26-30th 2022
Departure K-Town, May 26-30th 2022


Bagpipe player in Scotland.

Bagpipe player in Scotland.

10. Listen to powerful bagpipes in Edinburgh

The kilts, the whiskey, and the plaid: these are all quintessentially Scottish. Add bagpipes and you have an unforgettable experience. The streets of Edinburgh are resounding with the echoes of bagpipes.

Departure Stuttgart airport, May 26-30th 2022


We would love to explore more of Europe with you in 2022. Will you join us? See all the adventures that await!