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Due to popular demand, we’ve just added more trips departing from K-Town in 2021! All our trips are hassle-free with plenty of time for you to sit back and savor the good life while we take care of all the planning.

What to expect on a trip with Explore Europe?

  • Travel comfortably with our reduced group capacity
  • Get support from our Trip Leader during the entire trip
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  • Stay in the heart of the city in handpicked hotels
  • Local tour guides with years of experience in sharing knowledge of regional culture and history
  • Have access to a selection of must-see places in every location
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So how do you choose where to go? We’ll help you with a selection of 11 must-see places we think you’ll love and need to add to your bucket list. All trips are departing from K-Town so click any of the pictures or titles to find out more!

1. Go to a Venetian masked ball for Carnival (Venice Carnival, February 12-14th, 2021)
Venice is made of mystery and history. It’s even truer during Carnival! Masked figures roam the cobbled streets and enter masquerades through hidden doors. Without a single vehicle in sight, you feel as though you have been transported back to the 16th century at the height of The Renaissance, when artists from all over Europe would congregate to witness this new birth of humanity. If you feel like enjoying the city from a different perspective, and your feet are starting to hurt, why not hope on a gondola and glide along the canals?

Venice Carnival, February 12-14th

Venice Carnival, February 12-14th


2. Frolic in the tulip fields of the Keukenhof Gardens (Amsterdam & Keukenhof Gardens April 23-25th, 2021)

The world’s largest flower garden is only a short bus ride away! It is the perfect place to get lost and forget about time, or immortalize  it with your camera. The park is blooming with flower displays and every year a new theme is chosen to inspire the gardeners to create fantastical designs. One of the most famous displays is a mosaic of flowers shaped as Van Gogh’s face. Since the tulip season starts in January on the National Tulip Day and goes on till April, the smell of flowers will envelope you as you breath in deeply and close your eyes to enjoy all the perfumes in the air.


Amsterdam & Keukenhof Gardens, April 23-25th


3. Walk the red carpet in Cannes (French & Italian Rivieras, May 27-31th, 2021 Memorial Weekend)

If you’ve always wanted to dip your toes into that jet set lifestyle, then you need to head other to the French Riviera. You probably won’t be chased by paparazzi or asked to sign autographs, but you can wander on the Promenade des Anglais, which was built, back in 1820, by the English expats who wanted to walk along the seaside and admire the scenery without getting their feet soaked. Today, it stretches for more than 7 kilometers. As you make your way along the walkway, you’ll look out onto a shimmering sea, glistening yachts and sandy beaches.

French & Italian Rivieras, May 27-31th, 2021 Memorial Weekend


4. Yodel in the Swiss Alps (Rhine Falls, Zurich & Lucerne, June 5th, 2021)

Lucerne is located as the foot of of the Alps, just beneath Mount Pilatus, the “dragon mountain”. You won’t be able to to miss it! Lucerne has more to offer than beautiful nature, it also has a charming Old Town (Altstadt), a true vestige of the past with medieval squares and cobblestone alleys and frescoed façades. If you need a place to rest for a while, cross either bridge to linger over cheese platters and hot chocolate at alfresco riverside cafés.

Jewels of Switzerland (Rhine Falls, Zurich & Lucerne), June 5th


5. Pose for a portrait with the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Versailles & Paris, June 19-20th, 2021)

The Eiffel Tower does not need an introduction! Named after the engineer who designed her in 1887, Gustave Eiffel, she was only supposed to be a part of the Parisian landscape for the time of the Exposition Universelle, May to October 1889. People from around the globe gathered to admire in awe as this feat of engineering. She still stands proudly today over the Champs de Mars, and has been photographed from just about every angle. If you want to see her dressed in her Sunday best, wait for the sun to set by the river with picnic of cheese as wine. As the hour strikes, she will shine with several thousands lights. Just for you!

6. Row on Lake Bled surrounded by scenic views (Best of Croatia & Lake Bled, June 24-28th, 2021)

Slovenia has much to offer to visitors with Lake Bled undeniably being a priceless jewel to be admired. Your eyes will hover from the looming castle on the hills to the picturesque island church in the heart of the lake, before looking up to snow-capped mountain ranges. With the sun reflecting of the still lake and the unwavering mountains as a backdrop,  Lake Bled is a photographer’s dream and you will be amazed by the constantly breathtaking scenery.


Lake Bled

Croatia & Lake Bled, June 24-28th


7. Dance around the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (July 1-5th, 2021)

Anthony Gaudi was the founder of the art nouveau movement in Spain. He was the designer behind many modernist buildings that have now become an intricate part of Catalonian history and culture.  The Sagrada Familia is by far the most recognized of his work. The landmark church is currently incomplete  and is planned to be completed by 2024, which is on the centenary death anniversary of its creator.


Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, July 1-5th


8. Explore the castle that inspired Walt Disney (Bavarian Extravaganza, July 17th, 2021)

The Bavaria region in Southern Germany is a magical land to say the least. From sturdy medieval fortresses to whimsical romantic castle, there are stories to tell at every corner street. One place you do not want to miss while you are here is Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the dreamiest castles in the world, it rumored to have inspired the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Built during a period of extravagance for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, it was meant as a mirror of the power and richness of the German monarchy, which explains the amount of details and different themes that will leave you speechless.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Bavarian Extravaganza, July 17th


9. Watch a sunset over the Mediterranean sea in Cinque Terre (Northern Italy & Cinque Terre, August 12-16th, 2021)

Cinque Terre is the picture perfect Italy! The five gorgeous, colorful towns spill down the steep hillside into the clear blue waters. As you look up, you’ll see that you are surrounded by vineyards and olive groves perched on the mountainside. Much like Venice, no cars are allowed as the streets are very old and small. So you’ll be able to weave your way through the ancient archways, hidden alleys, and into charming town squares filled with quaint restaurants, bakeries, and wine shops.


Cinque Terre

Northern Italy & Cinque Terre, August 12-16th


10. Fight like a Gladiator in Rome (Pisa, Rome & Florence, September 2-6th, 2021 Labor Day weekend)

Rome is the Eternal City. As the heart of the country, it is easy to find the remnants of its millennia of history. A trip to Rone would not be complete without a visit to the world’s most famous amphitheater, the Colosseum. The 2000-year-old Colosseum is one of the New Wonders of the world. If you linger near it after dark, you’ll witness it light up in the night. Quite a sight to behold!



Pisa, Rome & Florence, September 2-6th (Labor Day Weekend)


11. Have a pint of beer for Oktoberfest (September 25th, 2021)

The festival originated in 1810 to celebrate the wedding ceremony of the crown prince of Bavaria. Oktoberfest, in today’s time, calls for massive celebrations with beer, food, concerts, and parades. You might want to book your table in advance and wear a Bavarian dirndl dress to ring in the festivities!


Look at the Wiesn, Munich Oktoberfes Beer Festival, Bavaria, Germany

Oktoberfest, September 25th


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