Meet your new Trip Leader Lana!

Lana in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Lana in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Travel is starting up once more and we couldn’t be more excited about exploring Europe with you! We’re introducing a new face to the team who will be by your side every step of the way. From checking you in at departure point to giving you personal recommendations at your destinations, Lana will ensure that you enjoy every second of your trip. Keep reading to get to know your new trip leader!


– Hi Lana, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Lana, from Croatia. I’m happy to be back on the road, and so glad I have a chance to work as a part of Explore Europe company. I’ve been working as a Trip leader/ Tour guide for 4 years all around Europe and can say this is one of the best jobs on the world. Tourism and traveling are my passion and I’ve been in this industry since age 18. When I’m not working around Europe, you can find me somewhere with my backpack exploring the world.


– What first inspired you to lead group trips in Europe?

The fact I’ll be able to travel all the time and have a chance to change places, cities and countries frequently while meeting different people and cultures was a call for this job. I like challenges, and with this job I’m not missing on those ones.


– And what makes you want to keep doing it?

Well, still there are so many museums left to visit, so many restaurants where you can try local food and hidden cute alleys where you can get lost. But, just when I think; every group is unique and every person brings something new, so to lead a group trips is a chance to learn and grow.


– What do you look forward to most once you reach your destination with a group?

Once I’m in destination with a group, I look forward to give a group very good recommendations for food and cool sights beside well known tourist attractions.

Chimney Cake in Prague (Czech Republic)

Chimney Cake in Prague (Czech Republic)


– For some of our passengers, it is their first time traveling in Europe. What advice would you have for them?

I would say to do a quick research if they want to visit specific museum/do activity/restaurant in the city they are traveling to as for many things you need to book your place in advance. And, of course, to wear a comfy shoes all the time.


– You’ve seen a lot of Europe already, but what is one place that took you by surprise the first time you visited it?

I would say Mykonos island in Greece. I’ve seen many photos before and had an idea how beautiful it is, but once I’ve visited the island, I was just speechless and really surprised how unique and special it is.


View of Mykonos town, Greece

– And what is one place you will forever recommend to others?

There are many places in Europe, but now I can think about Sevilla in Spain. The city is so charming, small enough to walk everywhere, but full of attractions, and it has one of the best and cheapest food in Spain!

Plaza Espana in Sevilla

Plaza Espana in Sevilla (Spain)


– Have you had the opportunity to taste a food/dish/treat that is definitely worth trying?

There are so many places around Europe where you can try good ice cream, but “gelato” from Italy is definitively the best; and there are my favorite stores in Venice and Rome. Also, as I like greasy food, for me –langos- in Budapest is the perfect deep fried dough.


Gelato in Venice

Gelato in Venice (Italy)

– What is one attraction you’ve seen that is still memorable to you?

That one would be Parliament building in Budapest. I think I’ve seen it 20 times so far, but that building is priceless.


– Which destination are you most excited about visiting next?

I’m excited to be back in Italy and visit Milan and Lake Como.


– And finally, what is one valuable lesson you’ve learnt while traveling?”

Once you start traveling, you can’t go back, you have a travel bug and you are “infected” until the rest of your life. You are always craving for more.


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