Sharon’s Advice for Normandy

Sharon on a cloudy day at Mont St-Michel.


Trip leader Sharon shares her tips and tricks to make the most of your time in Normandy.
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A hidden gem in Normandy?

The small streets and villages. As you travel though Normandy you will find yourself in small towns with tiny winding streets.  As we drove them all I could do was think about the history that this whole area has been though.  The stories that each village has to offer.  You will find in some of them they have their own small museum to help you understand more and getting another perspective on what happened.


Sharon at the foot of Mont St-Michel.

Sharon at the foot of Mont St-Michel.

Your insider tip for Mont St-Michel?

Be prepared for wind. I had the pleasure of visiting Mont St. Michel over Veteran’s weekend and I will do it again this year.  The windy was high and it got chilly.  We didn’t realize this until we were well onto the bridge and it was too late to turn back.  So my recommendation to you is simple, dress warm if you are going when it is a little colder.

A must-eat specialty?

Oysters. I personally don’t like any seafood but everyone I was with raved about the Oysters.  A large number of French Oysters come from Normandy, so just think of how fresh they are when you have them right there.


The American cemetery in Normandy.

A must-see for Americans?

Normandy American Cemetery. You will leave with a heavy heart after having seen the 9,387 American graves and nearly 1,600 names on the Walls of the Missing.  It is somber grounds that will leave an lasting impact after visiting Omaha Beach and seeing where nearly 4,000 of these soldiers lost theirs lives.  I felt honored to be on these ground on 11.11.


The Normandy Coastline.

Your final piece of advice for explorers?

Be prepared for an emotional journey. As we all know Normandy has a long history.  We have all seen the movies and documentaries but there is something different about being on the the same grounds and touching the same soil where so many lives were lost.  Looking at it today it is hard to visualize but with an amazing guide they help recreate the visual to help you have a the full understanding of your surroundings.


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