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Euro Disney Express (Independence Day)

What could be better than spending and celebrating Independence Day at Disneyland Paris? Experience the magic and join us on this express trip where the world of Disney comes alive. It’s not just Mickey, Minnie and Sleeping Beauty who you’ll be visiting, but also Buzz Lightyear, Indiana Jones, and those (in)famous Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course, no trip to Disney would be complete without viewing the amazing light show and fireworks that are part of the award winning Disney Dreams show. The magic on this trip is closer than you think!

Let us handle the details

  • Private Transportation
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance Fee
  • Experienced Trip Leader


Your trip includes

• Round-trip bus transportation
• Breakfast buffet
• 1 day Ticket to Disneyland® Park or Walt Disney Studios® Park
• Explore Europe Trip Leader

Your trip highlights

• Visit Disneyland Paris this year and celebrate the 25th anniversary with your favorite Disney characters
• Family fun on thrilling rides and kid-friendly attractions
• Delicious food you can find throughout the Disney parks
• Disney® Dreams! is one of the best fireworks you will ever see




Day 1 (Tuesday, July 3)
Depart at 09:30 pm from Grafenwoehr and travel by bus to Disneyland Paris in France.

Day 2 (Wednesday, July 4)
Welcome to France! After an included breakfast buffet, you are free to enjoy Disney with a full day at your leisure. In the Magic Kingdom, you can check out Main Street U.S.A. and the Wild West themed Frontierland. Don’t forget the famous Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril and Pirates of the Caribbean rides in Adventureland, the newly refurbished and rethemed Hyper-Space Mountain in Discoveryland, and experience all the Disney classics which can be found in Fantasyland. Of course, no trip to Disneyland Paris is complete without seeing a parade or live show featuring music, songs, dancing and Disney characters.

We have included a 1 day ticket to Disneyland® Park OR Walt Disney Studios® Park. You can upgrade to a ‘hopper’ ticket for €17 (gives you access to BOTH parks). In the evening, after Disney illuminations®! show around 11pm, travel back overnight Saturday to arrive Sunday morning in Grafenwoehr.

Day 3 (Thursday, July 5)
Arrive in Grafenwoehr around 10:00 am.


IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PASSPORTS: A valid tourist passport is required for this trip. Please make sure that you are traveling with the appropriate passport.

How’s the weather?

Paris, France

Average Low Average High

Meeting point for the start of the trip
Your trip starts and finishes in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

Address: Dießfurter Str, 92655 Grafenwoehr (parking lot)
Instructions: if you are exiting McDonald’s parking lot in Grafenwoehr you will turn right on to B299 as if you are going towards Netzaberg. You will then take your very first right (as if you are going towards MegaPlay) and as soon as you cross the small bridge there is a driveway on the right side which you can enter into a parking lot. You should see several cars and the bus there. The parking lot is available during the duration of the trip for our passengers.


Passport & Visa
A tourist passport is required for all trips outside of Germany.

Important passport rules are as follows:
If you have a passport with a SOFA stamp on any page (a “No-Fee” passport), you are provided permission to reside in Germany, NOT to travel outside of Germany. You have to have a tourist passport in addition to the SOFA/”No-Fee” passport to travel outside of Germany. You cannot travel with a RED Official passport as that is used only for the purpose of a mission or deployment. If you have a passport with a detachable SOFA card clipped inside, it is acceptable to travel with as that was issued originally as a tourist passport. If you are not sure: a tourist passport will be BLUE and will be valid for 10 years for adults. It cannot contain a SOFA stamp on any page or it is not acceptable. A child’s tourist passport (under 15 years of age) is valid for 5 years, but will not have a SOFA stamp in it anywhere. All of this information has been verified to be correct with the Grafenwoehr Passport Office.

There are no major health risks when traveling to France. However, it is always advisable to check with your doctor or health-care provider for the latest updates.

Included transportation on your tour is by motor coach.

Clothing & Packing Tips
To ensure you’re comfortable while out exploring, we recommend packing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that can be easily layered. For sightseeing, we suggest bringing a sturdy pair of walking shoes or sneakers, as well as a lightweight sports jacket or rainwear.

Baggage Allowance
Each adult is entitled to one luggage and one personal item. Luggage should be able to be stored below the bus and the personal item should contain whatever you might need on the bus. Pillows and blankets do not count for the personal item. If you have additional items such as strollers, carseats, etc. please send us a message to make those arrangements.

The euro is the currency you will be using on your trip.

Travel Insurance
We recommend you get travel insurance to reimburse you for unforeseen trip cancellation. Please follow this link to get a quote through our partner SevenCorners.

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We recommend you get travel insurance to reimburse you for unforeseen trip cancellation. Please follow this link to get a quote through our partner SevenCorners.