Top 6 Must-see European museums

May is Museum Month in Europe, an event co-sponsored by the Council of Europe and UNESCO. All month long, museums across Europe will host special events and invite travelers to see the treasures inside their walls. With Museum Month in mind, we wanted to share our top six must-see museums in Europe.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Colorful houses lined in a row along the seaside: red, blue, yellow and orange. Terracotta tiled roofs with windows looking down on the harbor. The smell of salt water and fish linger in the air. Fishermen work the nets and monarchs reign. Is this your view of Copenhagen? Some would argue that there is nothing new to see in the capital of Denmark but those that visit and live there tell a different story. They tell of a cultured city of over half a million living amongst history and progress. They will tell you about the number of Michelin Starred restaurants, parks, and museums of modern and French art, theater and architecture. It is cosmopolitan and inclusive.

Family booking with Explore Europe

Traveling around Europe with children can be daunting. But it’s also an amazing opportunity to experience so much beauty, culture & gastronomy. To be sure that you are best prepared to join us on one of our trips, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions so you and your family feel more confident to book with Explore Europe!

A day on tour in Verona, Italy

Have you ever had a moment when you stopped and realized the moment is real? No pinching needed but you still think about doing it just to make sure. Sitting on a stone wall looking at a courtyard within the city of Romeo and Juliet, it hit me, “I am really HERE.” When I first landed in Europe it was enough to be here and soak up the ambiance of Germany but I’m now seeking other places that inspire me and give me memories to take home. How about Northern Italy? Hmmm…