Interested in exploring new destinations with your family, friends, or colleagues?

Inspire them to travel with Explore Europe and earn your free trip!

Here is how it works!

What is a Group Coordinator?

Group Coordinators inspire others to see Europe by recruiting a group to travel. Anyone can be a Group Coordinator – if you have a passion for travel and a knack for making social connections, you can recruit a group!

Who can join my group?

Anyone who is looking for adventure! Recruiting friends, family and co-workers to join you is an excellent starting point, and members of a community organization are also great travel companions.

What are the benefits?

Every 10th traveler goes free*, which means you only need to recruit a group of 9 travelers to earn your free trip!

*Terms & Conditions: your free place on a trip is based on trip price, but excludes any optional excursions. A group must consist of at least 9 paying people. Questions? Call +49 611 72 49 06 95 or email

Have a question about how the group offer works?

Q: How do I earn free travel?

A: You’ll earn one free spot on a trip for every nine travelers you bring with you.

Q: What kind of trips do you run?

A: We offer expertly-planned guided trips all around Europe. Each includes comfortable hotels and transportation, sightseeing with local guides, authentic meals, Trip Leader and much more.

Q: How do I find travelers?

A: Many Group Coordinators have pre-established networks of potential travelers. These may include acquaintances such as friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, members of spouses clubs, etc.