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Our representatives at each location are local to the area and multi-lingual.

Why book with us

Create lifelong memories and make new friends with our expert-planned group travel experiences

Guaranteed Departures

Our trips are guaranteed to operate, so you never have to worry about your trip being cancelled at the last minute.

Early Bird Savings

We offer the most competitive prices out there. But as time progresses, prices go up – book early to get a great deal!

Put just 50% down

That’s all it takes to secure a spot on one of our trips. The remaining balance is always due up to 14 days before departure, giving you peace of mind and plenty of time to plan.

Hassle-free Planning and Coordination

We have over 10 years of experience building trips with military schedules in mind and local partners on the ground to help us ensure they’re immersive and authentic. With the help of our guides and years of feedback and data, we have fine-tuned and perfected every one of the adventures you can book today.

We’re On-the-ground Experts

From the hotels we book to the restaurants we choose to the places we show you around, you can bet that we have recently slept, eaten, or wandered around there and given our stamp of approval.

Free time for On-your-own Exploring

We ensure every itinerary strikes the perfect balance between guided tours, group dinners, and ample free time, allowing you to pursue your interests at your preferred pace.