High risk & virus variant areas: what does it all mean?


Planning your travels during COVID times can be overwhelming. Vaccination, recovery, testing and quarantine rules make it even more difficult. Add high risk & virus variant areas into the mix and it quickly becomes too much. Don’t worry though, we are here to make things simple! Keep reading to find out what are high risk & variant concern areas and how they could impact your future travels.


Part 1. What’s the difference between high-risk & virus variant  areas?

High-risk areas are regions/countries in which there is a high risk of infection due to a particular high incidence of spread of COVID.

Virus variant areas are regions/countries in which there is a high risk of infection due to the spread of variants of COVID.

The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) is the national disease control center for Germany. It is currently monitoring the evolution of the pandemic. It also provides up-to-date & accurate information, available in English and updated every Friday. Check it here. Can’t see a country on the list? That means it is not a risk area. You would only need to get tested if you are not vaccinated – this does not apply to children under 12.


Part 2. What does it mean for travelers arriving in/returning to Germany?

You’re arriving/returning from a high-risk area

You are fully vaccinated/recovered:

You are not vaccinated:

  • A negative test is required
  • A 10-day quarantine is required – with a possible early release on day 5.
  • Fill out the Digital Entry Registration

For children under 12 arriving/returning from a high-risk area:

You’re arriving/returning from a virus variant area

You are vaccinated/recovered:

You are not vaccinated:

For children under 12 arriving/returning from a virus variant area:



Part 3. Going to another country

If you are planning on traveling  outside of Germany, we would first recommend checking the possible COVID rules and regulations on the following Reopen EU website here.

What you would need to look out for:

  • Covid vaccination, recovery or testing requirements
  • Passenger Locator Forms
  • Requirements for children

You can also find information about: the use of face masks, physical distancing, safety measures for public transportation, and more!

If you are traveling with Explore Europe, you do not need to worry about researching possible restrictions. You receive all the relevant information directly in your inbox so you are best prepared for your trip!

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